More Bad Ideas for the Del Mar Fairgrounds

We haven’t even caught our collective breath from a failed attempt by the Governor to sell our fairgrounds, and here comes government with another very bad idea.  It seems that the 22nd Agricultural District Master Plan includes a massive expansion project that would adversely affect the area in so many ways.

The new additions would include a 330 room multi story hotel, a 60,000 sq ft health club, and a large convention center.  Along with with all the commercial activities that go along with such a project, they want to add sports fields on the rooftops!  They even want to put a large casino like electronic sign advertising facility events along the freeway.

Finally and probably most disturbing, the 22 Agricultural District actually wants to fill in part of the San Dieguito Lagoon wetlands that we just finished revitalizing.  After all, we can always use more parking lots, can’t we?

This project is wrong for our community. A large hotel and convention center on the Del Mar Fairgrounds will bring more crowds, noise, traffic congestion and bright lights to our community year around.  It will re-damage sensitive ecological areas that were just restored from past mistakes.

Local residents, as well as fans of all the activities that we enjoy at our county fairgrounds, should make themselves heard.  Contact the Ag Board and tell them to get back to their original charter, running the county fair and the Del Mar horse races.

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