Prices in Del Mar Still Falling

Low end has hit bottom, but Del Mar is still on the way down

While the lower end in San Diego County is selling like hotcakes, with multiple offers and major frustration for those trying to purchase, the buyers still have the upper hand in higher end markets like Del Mar

Depreciating vs Appreciating Market

The de facto definition of a depreciating market is one where the rate at which inventory is coming on the market is faster than the rate at which property is going into escrow.  Your basic supply/demand equation…  The low end in San Diego County – everywhere from Oceanside, Vista, and San Marcos to Clairemont, Linda Vista and Mira Mesa – is seeing a definite slowing in new inventory and a huge number of new escrows.  From what I can see, they’ve already hit bottom.  The demand is putting pressure on prices, which are bound to start creeping up soon as a result.  In contrast, home prices in Del Mar, Carmel Valley, Solana Beach, Rancho Santa Fe, and other high end coastal North San Diego County markets, have yet to hit bottom.  The following graph showing says it all:

Del Mar CA Market Activity - a declining market

Del Mar CA Market Activity - a declining market

This set of circumstances provides an incredible opportunity for those interesting in getting their foot in the door into Del Mar Real Estate.  For the inside scoop on the great values, give me a call (760-815-1318) or do your own research on our site  Don’t let this market pass you by!

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