New Hamilton Children’s Garden in Encinitas CA

The new Hamilton Children’s Garden, a place where children and families can enjoy the outdoors and experience the wonder of being close to nature, is now open at the San Diego Botanic Garden (formerly the Quail Botanical Gardens) in Encinitas CA.  The centerpiece is Toni’s Tree House, an ADA-compliant banyan tree environment that combines a man-made “trunk”, with living trees that kids can explore from roots to canopy through tunnels, walkways, and rope ladders. 


Throughout the themed gardens that make up this 1 acre space, whether it’s building structures in Earth Builders, casting shadows to “read” the time at the Amazing Sundial, hopping from rock to rock in Rock Hoppers, touching and smelling in Spell and Smell, or making mud pottery in Art’s Garden – the rule is most definitely “hands on”.  It’s a perfect location for a fun filled and educational birthday party.  Just remember – no party dresses needed!

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