Del Mar’s San Dieguito Lagoon Makes a Dramatic Comeback

Living in Del Mar California means living in beautiful Southern California coastal splendor.  A once neglected and unattractive stagnant slough in the middle of this little piece of paradise has just been restored to its natural condition, lost for decades.  I wrote about this in an earlier blog post Del Mar’s San Dieguito Lagoon Now Thriving!

The multi year project to reclaim this valuable wetland area of the San Dieguito Lagoon into a much needed bio refuge for indigenous wetland animals is nearly completed. Schools of fish have repopulated lagoon waters that they left over a century ago, and fiddler crabs, swallows and egrets have once again made the lagoon their home.

Observation points along hiking and biking trails invite local Del Mar residents and visitors alike to enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility of this newly restored wetland while respecting its sensitive and precarious habitat.  Rangers are on duty to ensure the rules are followed, and to teach visitors about this special reserve.  Biologists and students of wetland habitats have begun to watch and study the changes here.

The project is financed by an $86 million settlement from California Edison and San Diego Gas and Electric for environmental damages caused by the San Onofre Power Plant

Dredging and removing silt and debris from the shallow lagoon has been a necessary step for the tides to move naturally through this 460 acre park that extends from the ocean to the east side of Interstate 5. 

Located just south of the Del Mar Fairgrounds, the new revitalized San Dieguito Lagoon is quickly becoming one of Del Mar’s favorite attractions.  Enjoy quiet reflection while strolling along the River Walk or Boardwalk areas near Jimmy Durante Boulevard.  Hiking, bicycling and horseback riding along the Lagoon Trail will follow the lagoon to its end at El Camino Real.

Don’t miss this historic restoration—come visit the new gateway to the San Dieguito River Park, in beautiful Del Mar!!  If you’ve visited already and have enjoyed this newly flourishing preserve, please write and tell us about it.  We’d love to hear from you!

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